Bound (1996): Caesar Threatens Violet


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The clip Caesar Threatens Violet from Bound (1996) with Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Tilly

Shut the fuck up!
What? What? What?
What did you do to her, huh? What did you fucking do to her?
That's not MY Violet.
What did she do to you?
Everything you couldn't.
You ungrateful fucking bitch!
Vi, you were nothing before you met me!
Don't you remember you had nothing?
Who gave you this place, huh?
Who gave it to you?
I did, Vi. I did.
You were nothing. You had nothing.
What a load of crap.
Take a look at yourself, Caesar.
You're nothing but a common thug.
You launder money for the Mob.
You rent women like you rented this apartment.
You used me, Caesar. Just like I used you.
All part of the business.
You betrayed me.
You murdered Gino!
Yeah. Sure. You made me. I had to do that.
Bullshit. You did it.
Because you couldn't stand the thought of Johnnie fucking you.
Shut up.
YOU shut up.
All right, Violet. All right.
You want the business, Violet? All of the business?
I'll fucking give it to you. I'll give you all of it.
I'm going to make you fucking suffer,
just like Shelly, Violet.
Just like fucking Shelly.
I'm sorry, Corky.
Don't be sorry. Help me.

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