Cat in the Hat (2003): Chasing the Run Away Dog


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The clip chasing the run away dog from Cat in the Hat (2003) with Mike Myers

I thought the moment needed something.
Oh, what will become of us?
Your mother will lose her job,
and we'll have to... live on the street!
I can't! Don't make me go...
I don't know this world!
It's dry! It's like... I can't... It's too... Fish!
It's too much!
Would you like to go back in the toilet?
On second thought, it's such a beautiful day. Why spend it indoors?
Thank you!
Okay, kids. Get out of my way.
This fence is no match for my cat-like grace and reflexes. Here we go.
Ow. Okay. Watch me fly, kids.
I don't think the little girl's even trying.
What about your cat-like... reflexes?
What about showing a little effort, shrimp boat? Now, push!
All right, Nevins.
Time to die.
Cat, you scared him away!
Dirty hoe.
I'm sorry, baby. I love you. Hmm.
Come on, Cat!
There he is!

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