Cat in the Hat (2003): Messing Up the Couch


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The clip messing up the couch from Cat in the Hat (2003)

Mom says we're not allowed in the living room today, or else.
She's worried we'll mess up the couches by jumpin' on 'em or somethin'
And she's right. You can't jump on these.
Not like this. They need some adjustment. Yee-haw!
Let's take a look under the hood.
Just doin' my job.
Sorry. What have we got here?
Here we go.
It's oversized. That's unusual.
Here it is.
Down, Simba! Down, Simba! Get outta here!
Spray me, would ya? You...
Thanks for the help.
Back in a second. Who's your couch mechanic?
You oughta call Mr. Catwrench.
Oww! My fur! My fur! My fur!
That oughta do it. Whoo!
Come on, kids. I could use a little company.
What about Mom's party?
What about it? We signed the contract.
Wha-hoo! Yeah!
One cushion left, Sally.
She'll never do it. She doesn't know how to have fun.
Fun? Sally, you're better than fun. Fun is beneath you.
Remember what your mother told you...
No one sets foot in the living room...

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