Cat in the Hat (2003): Signing the Fun Contract with the Cat


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The clip signing the fun contract with the cat from Cat in the Hat (2003)

Bravo, Cat.
These children are smart enough not to fall for your MTV-style flash...
at the expense of content and moral values.
That was wicked cool! Do it again!
I'd love to, but Shamu is right... I really should be going.
No, don't go!
No, I should go.
I should let you and the fish have all your fun conjugating verbs,
cleaning your room, doing long division.
No, you have to stay!
All right, I'll stay. Oh, yeah! Yeah!
But if I'm gonna stay, there's something I wanna show you.
Something magical...
and full of wonder.
It's called a contract.
You want us to sign this?
Just a formality, really. Yeah.
Who are they?
Magical time-traveling elves.
Yeah. Magic.
Okay, they're my lawyers.
Liability issues, litigious society, frivolous lawsuits.
You understand.
Basically, this contract guarantees you can have all the fun you want...
and nothing bed�s ever gonna happen.
All the fun we want?
Nothing bad will happen?
Come on, Sal, for once in your life try something spontaneous.
It goes against my better instincts, but...
Beautiful. Initial here.
And here. And here.
Not here!

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