Tremors (1990): Fighting Worm in Rec Room


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The clip fighting worm in rec room from Tremors (1990) with Michael Gross

l don't know. l can't believe it.
No tracks.
No sign. No spoor.
You'd think after eating all those sheep they'd have to take a dump someplace.
Yeah. l don't understand it.
Walter, this is Burt. Come back.
Walter? Anybody copy?
l'm waiting.
-Walter, you there? Come back! -Okay, l got it.
Who's minding the store, for God's sake?
Burt, listen. We found out what's been killing people.
-Say over. -Over.
Negative copy on that, Walter. Check your frequency.
l'm on 22. Come back.
Burt, can you hear me now? Over.
ls that you? What're you doing back already?
Something real weird's going on over there.
They're up on top of the roof.
l think they're going for Burt's.
Man! They're going!

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