Tremors (1990): Reaching Saftey at Rocks Part 3


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The clip reaching saftey at rocks Part 3 from Tremors (1990)

We're not getting off this rock.
We're not going to pole vault out of here. That's for damn sure.
Wait a minute. What're you talking about?
lt's like you're giving up.
They'll wait out there 'til we're dead. That's exactly what they do.
For Chrissake, we could've made a stand at our place. We had food, water....
You can't fight 'em like that.
So you two screw-ups hauled us way the hell out here?
Why don't you just back off, string bean? We could've left your ass on the roof!
l wish you had, fearless leader. Who put you two in charge?
Don't push me!
lf them graboids don't kill him, l will.
They'd have torn up your place in half an hour.
Come on. Just let it go. Forget about it.
l know he does. He thinks he knows everything.

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