Tremors (1990): Blowing Up a Worm


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The clip blowing up a worm from Tremors (1990)

lf it comes to starvation, l know what l'm doing.
Take one of these...
...walk right out there with the fuse lit and let 'em take me down.
Good Lord, honey.
Now that's not a bad idea.
No. lt gives me an idea.
Going fishing.
There's one. Straight out in front.
Let's see if we can keep him right there.
-How much we need? -l don't know. They're pretty quick.
Fifteen seconds at least.
-Which kind of fuse is that? -Cannon fuse.
-What the hell you use if for? -My cannon.
You guys watch yourselves.
Right out there, about 30--
-You're not going do your lasso thing? -Just 'cause you're no good with a rope.
All right, get back!
Come on, baby.
Take it. Take the bait!

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