Tremors (1990): Examining Dead Worm


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The clip examining dead worm from Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward

Jesus Christ!
Does it smell like that 'cause it's dead?
l don't see any eyes.
Must be totally subterranean.
And those tentacles.
You know, l think they shoot right out of its mouth...
...and they hook you and pull you right in.
Good thing we stopped it before it killed anybody else.
This is important, you know.
This is like...
...well, let's just say it.
This is probably the biggest zoological discovery of the century.
Check this out.
l found the ass end.
Jesus, we really caught something here.
-Wow! -Man!
That's one big mother.
This must be the old boy had your seismos working overtime.
lt must push itself along with these.
All of them pushing at once.
That's why it moved so fast.
This thing had sensors tripping all over the place. No--
Rhonda, you ever heard of anything like this?
Everybody knows about 'em. We just didn't tell you.
Hell, man, no one ever saw anything like this!
We're really onto something.
l'll tell you, old Chang don't get his slick mitts on this for no measly $15.
You got that right.
All right, here's the plan. We need a flatbed--

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