Tremors (1990): Talking in Walter's Market Part 2


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The clip talking in walter's market Part 2 from Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward

They're headed right for us!
They trapped Edgar here. Grabbed old Fred right here.
Nailed those two poor suckers on the road and the doctor's place is here!
This valley is just one long smorgasbord.
We have got to get out.
l'm going to get Mindy.
She's okay. l saw her playing down the street.
That's what l like, Graboids! That's it, graboids!
Jesus, Walter.
We're going to be sorry if we don't give it a name.
Okay, you say let's get out of here. Where are we supposed to go?
Rhonda's got an idea about that.
See, they move very easily through the Pleistocene alluvials.
The dirt. The loose soil that covers the valley floor.
But they can't move through rock.
-We should go west to the mountains. -She means up the old Jeep trail.
lf those mountains are granite we'd be safe.
We could hike along them to Bixby if we--
l scared you, didn't l?
You little ass wipe.
You don't knock it off, you're going to be shitting this basketball.
Pardon my French.

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