Tremors (1990): Planing Rescue Mission in Market


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The clip planing rescue mission in market from Tremors (1990)

-Don't look so afraid. lt won't hurt you. -Mindy look up. Smile.
Hold it.
Melvin, get out of there!
-Old Chang, slick as snot, and l ain't lying. -A lousy $15.
A man who plans ahead.
We arm ourselves, we set perimeters, we stand guard.
Any of those snake things show up here, we make 'em extinct.
-All right! -Burt, get serious.
Yeah! You make it sound like a war.
What've you got against being prepared?
Walter's got a CB radio. Why aren't you calling Bixby? The police--
We can't reach outside the valley because of the mountains.
You're next. Sit down, look scared.
The phone's out. The road's out. We're on our own.
You two are just loving it, aren't you?
Nancy, don't get personal about this! We've got to do something.
Hell, yes!
We are completely cut off.
We got the cliffs to the north, mountains to the east and the west.
That's why Heather and me settled here. Geographic isolation.
-There's got to be a way we can get help. -This isn't the moon!
What are you going to do, walk the 38 miles to Bixby?
There's Walter's saddle horses.
That's it. You're welcome to them.
Somebody could ride to Bixby.
That's not bad.
Who's best on a horse?

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