Tremors (1990): Leaving Town in Truck


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The clip leaving town in truck from Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon

Don't forget the TV.
-Why you bringing the vacuum cleaner? -l like it.
-You never use it. -lt's good for parts.
Besides, maybe we'll hire a maid. You think about that?
Get in the truck.
Guys, wait!
Sorry, Nancy. We're not delivering firewood anymore.
-We're heading for Bixby permanent. -Sure.
Oh, my God. You really are!
Mindy, what's the count?
l don't need firewood. l have this big order to fill and have to build my pottery kiln.
Come on, it'll be at least a month's work.
l'll throw in lunches.
And beer.
l can't believe we said no to free beer.
We did it! We faced temptation and did not bend!
Goddamn! Praise the Lord!
Now there's nothing, and l mean nothing, between us and Bixby.
Look at that guy!

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