Hamlet 2 (2008): Civil Rights Help Marschz


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The clip civil rights help marschz from Hamlet 2 (2008) with Amy Poehler, Steve Coogan

Mr. Marashka?
Who? It's Marschz. Yes.
Cricket Feldstein, American Civil Liberties Union.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, I thought you were a talent agent, like UTA or CAA.
But totally not disappointed.
If you're wondering about the Feldstein, I married a Jew.
It's my understanding that there are forces
trying to stop you from performing Hamlet 2.
You received a cease and desist order
in regards to this performance?
I think we have a First Amendment case on our hands, Mr. Marashka.
It's Marschz. You really think so?
No one is shutting down this play.
The Justice Department and the so-called Supreme Court
can suck my balls.
What do they have to do with this? My balls?
No, the other thing.
I'm a short blond chick, but I play to the death.
I pick cases that I can win because I wanna win big.
Cases with controversy and headlines
and steaming piles of shit flying left and right.
Mostly left. How's that sound?
Are you on my side? Yes.
Great, let's do it! Okay then.
Do I need to sign anything?
No, don't sign anything!
I think the play's gonna be really good.
It's irrelevant.

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