Hamlet 2 (2008): Meeting the New Class


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The clip meeting the new class from Hamlet 2 (2008) with Phoebe Strole

Mr. Marschz, have you seen our new class yet?
No. Why?
Let's just say, it's new and different.
Well, Rand, "new" and "different" are two of my favorite words.
In my prayer circle, I've been praying
for more racial understanding,
but I still get anxious around ethnics.
Okay, please turn down the music.
Not off, just down.
Okay, we've got ourselves a full house!
Normally, I only have the two students.
Let's go around and find out why drama is suddenly so popular.
Yolanda doesn't talk.
But you know the only reason that we're here, right,
is because there's asbestos in the portable classrooms,
and because we live on the poor side of town
and there isn't any money,
they just decided to cancel everything that we care about.
You know, like computers and ceramics
and shop and arts and crafts, and drama was the only elective left.
Did anyone pick drama as a first choice?
That's fine.
Better never than late.
Okay, as a point of departure, has anyone seen the movie
Dead Poets Society, starring... What's your name?
the always-superb Robin Williams? I'm Octavio.
Well, it's very good. I was, for one week,
Mr. Williams' stand-in on the fantastic motion picture
Patch Adams,
when I lived in Hollywood. Hey, come on.
Hey, I'm just trying to be friendly.
He once gave me a ride to my bus stop.

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