Hamlet 2 (2008): New Place for the Play


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The clip new place for the play from Hamlet 2 (2008)

All right, mystery man.
Why have you brought us here?
Yeah, why?
This is Joy Junction.
You know, that positive ionic flow.
Jean-Paul, the crew, Burning Man, the lunar cycle, yeah.
Yeah, yo.
Yeah, yo.
Okay, you started to say something
and didn't finish your sentence.
You didn't? No, no, you.
No, I know you.
No, N-O, "no."
No, no, more yes. You know, less no.
Okay, I'm a little cuckoo-bananas here.
Look, they throw parties here.
The promoters are at Burning Man.
We can use the space.
He does lighting and stuff like that. See Vitamin J,
he acts like a huge dumbass,
but he really knows what he's doing.
Let there be light.
Ah! My eyes!

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