Hamlet 2 (2008): Encouragement Speech


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The clip encouragement speech from Hamlet 2 (2008) with Steve Coogan

Hey, we got the TVs.
There's a hundred sets in there, woman!
Where did you get them all?
Stole them from white folks, dawg.
I have to say something, guys.
I really think Mr. Marschz is bipolar.
Just like my cousin.
But she takes pills.
He's not bipolar. He's a freak.
Do you think he realizes that every time he wears a dress
he's flashing his balls at us?
You know, where is he anyway?
He was supposed to be here two hours ago.
Maybe he's out shopping for a dress.
He should buy some underwear.
Who do you think you are talking like that, white girl?
I heard everything. I heard everything!
I haven't bought an item of clothing in over 10 years
because I don't get paid for this job.
Did you know that?
I work for gas money, which is why I skate.
That and the DUI.
My life is a parody of a tragedy!
My wife left me. Baby wasn't mine.
People are trying to run me over.
What are we supposed to do?
It doesn't matter.
We're not gonna get this play on.
We might as well give up now!
He works for gas money?
That is so sad.
Mr. M!
Mr. M!
What happened?
Get away from me, you devil bitches.
Leave me to the vultures.
You come in here and tell us all to be artistic,

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