Hamlet 2 (2008): Rand Quits


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The clip rand quits from Hamlet 2 (2008)

Good morning, class.
Okay, I'd like to start by saying two things.
First of all, acid is a very strong drug,
and B, where are my pants and underwear?
Excuse me, Mr. Marschz.
We need to discuss something about the latest draft.
The role of Laertes, my part, you've turned him into a gay.
He's not gay. He's bi-curious.
And the role has also been reduced significantly.
Rand, theater is a living thing.
Octavio's performance the other day,
combined with my wife's intense desire to get pregnant,
not to mention the acid,
inspired me to take some bold steps
in looking at my relationship with my father.
That meant reducing Laertes' role.
And the gay thing, I just thought you'd be more comfortable...
What? What?
This has nothing to do with my sexuality!
Listen, listen, I've given my life to this class,
and now it all goes out the window because of him?
Because he inspired you?
It's what's best for the play.
Not acceptable! I quit!
Oh, man, you can't quit now.

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