Hamlet 2 (2008): Reading Bad Review


Uploaded on November 11, 2011 by AnyClip

The clip reading bad review from Hamlet 2 (2008) with Phoebe Strole, Skylar Astin

Hey, the reviews are in.
Read them quickly. It minimizes the pain.
"Are Dana Marschz's bi-yearly stagings of
"popular Hollywood films an ironic gesture,
"or is he just profoundly confused?
"To be fair,
"this year's Erin Brockovich accomplishes something quite astonishing."
"It manages to make last year's production
"of Mississippi Burning look sparkling by comparison."
What about the acting?
"It is perhaps best not to mention the acting.
"In the theater, actors endeavor to simulate human emotion.
"Rand Posin and Epiphany Sellars flap their lips
"and wave their arms like malfunctioning wind-up toys..."
That's enough!
Every trimester we get fisted by this guy!
What's "fisted"?
I have so much anger.
I feel like I've been raped.
In the face!

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