Orgazmo (1997): Messing Up Porn Scene


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The clip messing up porn scene from Orgazmo (1997)

Take this!
You take this! Ha-ha!
Ow! I jammed my finger.
Ow, ow! I jammed my finger!
Jesus! Cut!
Goddamn it, cut!
What the hell was that?.
What is your problem, Zazinsky?.
He blocked. He wasn't supposed to block, and he broke my finger.
You told me you knew how to fight.
Orgazmo's supposed to be a badass.
He shouldn't block me then!
Get back in there...
and look tough, you fucking pansy!
I can't. My finger is broke.
You listen to me, you cocky prick!
If you ever wanna work in porno again, you'll do exactly what I say.
Get back to work!

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