Orgazmo (1997): Ransom Call to Joe


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The clip ransom call to joe from Orgazmo (1997)

Hello? -Joe! Joe, help me!
Lisa, what-- -Joe!
I told you not to fuck with me, Hung!
What have you done with her?
I'm gonna send her away so you don't have to worry about her for a while.
Now, you be on set tomorrow a.m.,
or else I'm not gonna send her away.
I'm gonna blow her away.
Do you understand what I mean?
You mean, she'll be sleeping with the fishes, see?
That's right. Now, you just finish this film, and we'll see about getting you two lovebirds back together.
Don't hurt her-
What should we do with her, boss, huh?
We need some collateral.
Twins! Take a break.
Put her on the set.

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