Orgazmo (1997): Trying to Quit Film at Office Part 2


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The clip trying to quit film at office Part 2 from Orgazmo (1997) with Michael Dean Jacobs

And do you know why?
Because I'm Maxxx Orbison, and I get what I want!
Now, hold on a minute, Mr. Orbison. I said I don't wanna do it.
And you don't-
you don't own me.
You wanna bet I don't, punk?
Now, I'm warning you, kid: Don't fuck with me!
Now, you go home and you tell your little fianc?e that the wedding is off,
and you have your ass back here tomorrow a.m.!
Or else you'll be sleeping with the fishes. See?
Send in the next audition.
You know, I have had enough of your poop, Mr. Orbison.
Find yourself another Orgazmo!
I'm warnin' you, Hung!
Not so fast, happy pants.
Fss-sss-aaa-aah! No. No.
It's his decision. Let him go.
You should've let me whup his ass, Uncle Orbison!
No, we don't need him all messed up for the shoot tomorrow.
There's another way.

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