Orgazmo (1997): Talking About Becoming Super Heroes


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The clip talking about becoming super heroes from Orgazmo (1997) with Masao Maki

What the hell? G-Fresh, what happened to you, man?
How'd you get that scratch? Oh, I'm sorry, G. I'm closing down.
I have to be out in two weeks. What? Why?
Oh, the punks from next door got me to agree.
You signed the papers? Oh, they came in the other day...
and just whupped my sorry black ass.
Oh! Did you call the police?
I make you guys last sushi for half price.
Um, just give me tuna, salmon, shrimp.
## We've got to help him, Joe.
Oh, right. What are we gonna do against a gang of thugs?
Well, look, you and I are both great martial artists, right?
I mean, we're pretty good. And I'm willing to bet that between the two of us, we can take these guys.
Those guys probably have guns, Ben. Martial arts don't stop guns.
Jesus! Where?
Joe, I just got the most amazing idea ever.
The Orgazmorator, Joe-- You can use the Orgazmorator as a weapon.
You can stun anybody who has a gun, take 'em outta commission, and then we kick their asses.
Are you nuts? That-
That won't work.
Why not?
Well, even if we succeeded, those guys would come after us eventually.
We can use disguises. We can cover ourselves up so nobody can recognize us.

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