Orgazmo (1997): Arriving at Villa for Porn Shoot


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The clip arriving at villa for porn shoot from Orgazmo (1997) with Juli Ashton, Michael Dean Jacobs

Where is that little fucking choir boy?
I don't think he's gonna show up. Oh, really?
Rodgers, you and pickle dick here go find that bastard.
And you tell him if he doesn't act in my film,
his parents, his friends, his fuckin' pets are gonna pay!
You tell him if he fucks with me, he'll be--
Well, hello.
Hello. We were just talking about you. How are you?
I'm fine. Super. Why don't you go get into wardrobe,
and we'll get started right away.
Orbison, who am I fucking in this scene?
Uh, you'll be fucking Jeff and probably Ben.
Have you met our new Orgazmo? No.
Hi, how do you do? Hi, are we fucking?
No. You'll be fucking his stunt cock.
And I'm not doing any ass-licking today. I told you that, right?
Yes, yes. No ass-licking. Okay.
I'm not an ass-licker. Give 'em an inch, they take a mile.
Oh, what was I thinking?
There you are. Get in here. Come on. Just get in here and put this on.

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