Orgazmo (1997): Testing out Orgazmorator in Basement


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The clip testing out orgazmorator in basement from Orgazmo (1997) with Dian Bachar

By the time I finally got this old mama to work,
it had a lot of parts.
The sucker got pretty heavy.
I can barely even lift it now. What is it?
It's the Orgazmorator. I've made it work.
Golly, it's huge. Yeah.
I could probably make a more compact version, but then I'd have to use cold fusion...
instead of the fission device that's inside of it now.
But then if I could figure out cold fusion,
I'd be a millionaire.
Want to give it a shot?
Here. Here.
Stick our arm in this thing here.
Grab ahold of the handle, and it should power up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Calm down, dude.
Calm down. It's okay. It's just powering up. It's okay.
You can actually hold that thing, huh?
It's not that heavy.
That is sweet.
So now what?
So now, I mean, it's-- You know, I mean, It's like a gun.
I mean, you feel that little trigger on the handle there?
This one?
Oh, my gosh! Are you okay?
Whoo! Thanks, man.
Aw, you're puttin' me on.
No, I told you it works.
Go ahead, shoot yourself.
No, I couldn't. Go on, give yourself a treat.
just shoot yourself in the foot or something. I gotta get cleaned off..
Wow! Wow, wow! Wow!
I told you.
I told you it works. Do me again.
This is incredible.

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