Orgazmo (1997): Trying to Hire Joe for Porn Part 2


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The clip trying to hire joe for porn Part 2 from Orgazmo (1997)

That certainly is a lot of money,
but I'm afraid it goes against my beliefs.
Thank you very mu-- Look, kid.
You got me all wrong. This is not your average porno.
This is a very touching script.
It's a poignant story about some very important issues.
But are there people having intercourse?
Well, this is an adult film.
Well, see, I can't do that.
All right. Make it $7,000.
It's very nice of you to offer me so much money, but--
Ten thousand.
I can't. See, I have a fianc?e. And if she ever--
I got it. We'll use a stunt cock.
Anytime there's actual penetration, we'll bring in another penis. We do it all the time.
All you have to concern yourself with is the crime fighting and the acting.
But see, I'd still be acting in a pornographic movie. And that's what I--
Twenty thousand dollars. Excuse me?
Twenty thousand dollars? Are you crazy?
Twenty thousand dollars for two days' work?
And you don't even have to fuck.
I have to think about this. Can I think about this?
Sure. We'll start first thing Monday morning.
Well, I have to think about this. Yeah.
You start at 10:00.
I'm gonna think about this now.
I don't know. He doesn't seem much like the porno type to me, boss.
That's why he's so perfect for Orgazmo.
He's so prissy and wholesome.
You watch. In a couple of weeks,
I'll make that little mama's boy the biggest porn star in the country.

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