Orgazmo (1997): Staying in City to Fight Crime


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The clip staying in city to fight crime from Orgazmo (1997)

This is the last of the bedroom stuff. Oh, great.
Hey, kids.
Hi, Choda Boy.
All ready to leave, huh?
Yeah, I, uh--
I guess so. So, I...
guess there's no more...
Orgazmo and Choda Boy.
No, I-
I don't think so.
So, maybe someday I could come to Utah.
It was-
It was really good meeting you, really good.
Yeah. There was a lot of good stuff goin' on.
Whole lot of good stuff. Good stuff.
Good, good stuff. Yeah.
Kind of stuff that... makes you feel good. It's good.
Yeah, Joe.
Oh, Joe!
I can't let you do this. Oh, God!
Joe, this really is crazy, but I think you might have been right.
What? Oh, Joe, it is so hard to know...
what Heavenly Father wants from us or what he has in mind.
This whole thing is just too gosh-darn wacky to be coinky-dink!
Maybe this is what Heavenly Father has intended for you.
Oh, Lisa.
Oh, Joe!
Whoa! They're goin'crazy!
Ohh, ho-ho-ho!
Ben, L.A. needs us.
The world needs us. Heck, I think the whole universe needs us!
You mean, you're gonna stay? I think you guys need to clean up Los Angeles.
Well, there's nothin' that can stop us! Well, crime fighting will have a new name!

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