All Quiet on the Western Front (1930): Arguing Over The Food


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The clip Arguing Over The Food from All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) with William Irving, Louis Wolheim

Fill it up.
And hurry up. I've got other things to do.
I've been waiting for this for three weeks.
When they all get here.
What do you want?
Beans, you homely-lookin' son of a frog's leg.
What do you think I want?
We're hungry.
Shut up! I'll feed you when you're all here.
We're all here now.
Only half the company's here. Get the rest.
Wake 'em up.
I wish I could wake 'em up.
There's 80 of us left.
The rest is in dressing stations or pushin' up daisies.
Eighty? And I cooked for 150!
All right. We'll have enough for once. Come on. Dish out!
You mean you've cooked beans for 150...
and you've got bread for 150...
and sausage for 150, and tobacco for 150?
Everything! It's all wrong. I should have been notified.
What a feast!
Everyone gets two issues.
Get back in line! Get back in line!
Oh, no!
That won't do.
I can't give 80 men what's meant for 150.
You drew rations for the 2nd Company, didn't ya?
All right. We're the 2nd Company.
I've got my orders.
Kat's right.
We're the 2nd Company.
And if only half of us get back, that's our good luck.
Come on. Dish it out.
Come on!
You're the yellowest baboon that ever drew a cook wagon,
and you're scared- it shows.
All we want to hear out of you is one more little yip,
and we'll cut ya up and eat ya raw.
Why, you keep your kitchen so far back of the lines,

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