All Quiet on the Western Front (1930): The Patriotic Tonpeople


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The clip The Patriotic Tonpeople from All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) with Lew Ayres

We're behind the lines, but we know how to honor the soldier...
who goes on in spite of blood and death.
Gentlemen, my son.
I'm glad to know you, young man, I am glad to know you.
How are things out there? Terrible, eh? Terrible.
But we must carry on.
After all, you do at least get decent food out there.
Naturally, it's worse here. Naturally.
But the best for our soldiers all the time. That's our motto.
The best for our soldiers.
you must give the Frenchies a good licking!
And, if you boys want to come home, ehh,
Iet me show you what you must do before you can come home.
Give us a hand there, men.
Now, then, there's the line.
Runs so, in a "V".
Here is St. Quentin. You can see for yourself.
You're almost through now. All right?
Shove ahead out there and don't stick to that everlasting French warfare!
Smash through the johnnies! And then you will have peace.
When you get in it... the war isn't the way it looks back here.
Oh! You don't know anything about it.
Of course, you know about the details,
but this relates to the whole!
You can't judge that.
Of course, you do your duty and you risk your life.
But for that, you receive the highest honor.
I said that every man in the war ought to have the lron Cross.

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