Enter the Dragon (1973): Williams and Roper Meet


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The clip Williams and Roper meet from Enter the Dragon (1973) with Jim Kelly

Hey, soldier, shape it up!
Roper! Hey, how are you, man?
How am l? I'm glad to see you, that's how I am.
How long has it been? Five?
Six years, man. Not as long as it seems.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
What have you been doing since Nam?
Hanging in a little bit.
-All these yours, man? -Always first class.
Same old Roper.
Come here.
Yeah, from New Zealand. This man's putting quite a collection together.
Know him?
No, never saw him before.
What do you know about this Han cat?
Just rumors. I hear he likes to live big.
They don't live so big over there.
Ghettos are the same all over the world. They stink.
Same old Williams.

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