Death Proof (2007): Girls in Car Talking


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The clip girls in car talking from Death Proof (2007) with Jordan Ladd, Vanessa Ferlito

Remember, no hooking up tonight.
You can hang out with them, you can make out with them
but no hooking up with them
because we are driving to Lake L.B.J. Tonight
and my daddy's pretty clear about one thing. He said
"I am letting you and your girlfriends stay at my lake house.
Not you and a few horny boys
trying to get their fuck on with my daughter. "
Your dad talks like that?
Hell yeah!
It's not like he ain't gonna know either
because when I'm staying at the lake with my girlfriends in our bikinis,
Daddy just has a tendency to pop up to make sure we don't need anything.
Look, he's totally harmless
and cute as a bug's ear.
But you know, when he's got a bunch of half-naked poontang
walking the floor of his lake house,
he just likes to pay us a visit and make sure we got everything we need.
And if you flirt shamelessly with him
like the 6-foot baby giraffe in the backseat
you've got a puppy dog for life.
I have my own relationship with Ben
and you're just jealous because it don't include you.
You call her dad Ben?
I'm not a child. That's his name.
So when are the boys showing up?
They're gonna meet us at the Chili Parlor.
Maybe they can bring some pot.
Fuck that. No.
I don't want to be either A: Depending on their fucking ass
or B: Depending on their ass.
If we don't score ourselves,
we're gonna be stuck with them all fucking night.
Try Lanna-Frank.
Best idea you've had all day.
Oh, hey, that's your last billboard before Guero's.
Oh, come on. Give me a break.
Oh, come on, my ass. We said every time!
Jules, let me get a drag.

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