Death Proof (2007): Zoe Wants to Drive a Detroit Muscle Car Part 2


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The clip zoe wants to drive a detroit muscle car Part 2 from Death Proof (2007)

Oh, Kowalski?
Kowalski from Vanishing Point.
Mate, it's a fucking classic.
If I can get this guy to let me drive it without him,
I'll blow the doors off that bitch.
What's Vanishing Point?
"What's Vanishing Point?"
Abs, I'm supposed to be the illiterate one.
It's just one of the best American movies ever made.
Actually, Zoe, most girls wouldn't know Vanishing Point.
Excuse me, "most girls?" What the fuck are you two?
Yeah, well, we're gearheads. Of course we watched it.
You all grew up watching that Pretty in Pink shit.
I like Pretty in Pink.
What, so you didn't watch John Hughes movies?
Of course I did. I'm a girl.
But I also watched car shit, too.
Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry,
Gone in 60 Seconds, the real one. Not that Angelina Jolie bullshit.
We have an outdoor theatre in Auckland
that plays Vanishing Point,
Big Wednesday, all the classics.

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