Death Proof (2007): Stuntman Mike Talks About His Career


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The clip stuntman mike talks about his career from Death Proof (2007) with Kurt Russell

You got some voucher here.
I asked him what movies you worked on...
No fucking clue.
Technically I really don't know if he's ever done anything for sure.
He shows an episode of High Chapparal,
a guy falls off a horse, he says it's him.
You know the show, The Virginian?
Yeah, well, there was
another actor on that show, Gary Clarke,
and I looked like him a bit.
Well, obviously before I cut myself shaving.
Oh, I like it.
Well, damn, if you ain't so sweet you make sugar taste just like salt.
Anyway, I did a lot of Virginians doubling Gary Clarke.
that show turned into The Men of Shiloh,
they brought on Lee Majors and I doubled him.
From that point on, I specialized mostly in car stunts.
I did damn near the whole third season of Vega$.
I was Robert Urich's driving double.
And then Bob did another show, Gavilan,
and he brought me with him on that until...
And after that...
Do you know any of these shows or people I'm talking about?
Sorry. No.
So, how exactly does one become a stuntman,
Stuntman Mike?
Well, in Hollywood anybody fool enough
to throw himself down a flight of stairs
can usually find somebody to pay him for it.
But really, I got into the business
the way most people get into the stunt business.
How's that?
My brother got me in it.
Who's your brother?
Stuntman Bob.

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