Death Proof (2007): Agreeing to Kiss in Car


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The clip agreeing to kiss in car from Death Proof (2007) with Rosario Dawson, Omar Doom

Drinks! What can we get you? Shanna Banana?
Another big-ass Long Island iced tea.
Bombay Sapphire and tonic, no ice.
Good boy.
Oh, hey, punky, one of the lights is off in the parking lot. Flip it.
Jesus Christ!
You scared the fuck out of me, you shitty asshole!
I swear, Arlene, I was not trying to scare you. I just got lucky.
I'm going inside.
Wait a minute.
I was thinking we could make out.
What on a porch? Not even in the bar, but in front of the entrance?
Forget it.
No, in my car.
What, out there? It's wet as fucking 'Nam out there.
Not in my car it's not.
Look, you won't get wet.
I promise you.
You know, most guys wouldn't brag about that.
You know what I mean.
Look, I know you guys are going to Lake L.B.J. And we can't come.
I wanna make out.
Okay, just stop with the whining. It's not attractive.

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