Death Proof (2007): Role-playing in the Diner


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The clip role-playing in the diner from Death Proof (2007)

This is a friend from Shanna and I's U.T. Days, Arlene.
You want to join us?
For a second, but I'm with some friends.
So you must be the infamous
"Butterfly. "
She don't know nothing about it.
Know about what?
When are you all gonna tell her?
Tell me what?
Yeah, now thanks to you, we've got to tell her sooner than later.
All right, cut the shit. What the fuck is going on?
I said a something-something about you on the air today.
Julia, what the fuck did you say about me on the radio?
All I said was I had a sexy friend
named Butterfly who was in from out-of-town for the weekend
and we would be going out somewhere in Austin tonight
and if they were out on the town
maybe they'd see us and I described you
and I said that if they spotted you while we were out
if they'd do something, you'd do something.
Okay, Julia, I'm serious. What did you say
and what did you say I'd do?
Anywho, I could explain what I said, which would be boring,
or Marcy over here,
who is an incredible actress, could act it out for you, which I think
will give you a better idea of what we have in store for you tonight.
Okay, so just tell me your way.
So we'll act it out with Marcy?
Okay, give Marcy your drink.
Thank you.
so you're in a club or a bar
and Marcy's a kind of cute or kind of hot or kind of sexy
or better be fucking hysterically funny
but not funny-looking, guy who you could fuck.
Got it.

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