Blade Runner (1982): Asking for Help


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The clip Asking for help from Blade Runner (1982) with Rutger Hauer, William Sanderson

We've got a lot in common.
What do you mean?
Similar problems.
Accelerated decrepitude.
I don't know much about bio-mechanics, Roy. I wish I did.
If we don't find help soon Pris hasn't got long to live.
We can't allow that.
Is he good?
Your opponent.
Oh, Dr. Tyrell?
I've only beaten him once in chess. He's a genius.
He designed you.
Maybe he could help.
I'd be happy to mention it to him.
Better if I talk to him in person.
But I understand he's a sort of hard man to get to.
Will you help us?
I can't.
We need you, Sebastian.
You're our best and only friend.
We're so happy you found us.
I don't think there's another human being in the whole world who would've helped us.

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