Blade Runner (1982): Sebastian's Toys


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The clip Sebastian's toys from Blade Runner (1982) with Daryl Hannah, William Sanderson

Do you live in this building all by yourself?
Yeah, I live here pretty much alone right now.
No housing shortage around here.
Plenty of room for everybody.
Watch out for the water.
Must get Ionely here, J.F.
Not really. I make friends.
They're toys. My friends are toys. I make them.
It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer.
Do you know what that is?
Yoo-hoo, home again.
Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig.
Good evening, J.F.
Evening, fellas.
They're my friends. I made them.
Where are your folks?
I'm sort of an orphan.
What about your friends?
I have some, but I have to find them.
I'll let them know where I am tomorrow.
Can I take those things for you? They're soaked, aren't they?

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