Derailed (2005): Charles and Winston Talk


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The clip Charles and Winston Talk from Derailed (2005)

I don't often go into the city.
But when I do,
I find comfort in the knowledge that my
Amerispend One card...
Ameris... Amerispend One...
I... I... What's...
Susan Davis calls this retro avant-garde.
I think it's more retro avant-crap.
Eliot, I'm in trouble.
What kind of trouble?
I cheated on Deanna.
You never cheated before?
Everybody cheats. You know what? Everybody gets over it.
No, this is different.
Everybody says that too.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
There's this man...
I don't want to know who it was with.
Look, buy Deanna some flowers. Talk it over with her.
Try not to get caught next time.
Now, for God's sake, will you help me fix this piece of crap?
I don't often go into the city.
You think I should?
What up, yo?
Ah, man, welcome back.
How long has it been?
High school.
High school.
Man, the best three years of my life, man.
All the pussy you could imagine,
4.0 GPA,
everything good till they locked my ass away.
What were you in for?
Me? I was what they call a recreational drug user.
And that's it?
I was also a recreational drug distributor.
You know, a little H, some dope, digi.
So how was it?
Man, nothin' but the best.
I sold a pure commodity at a fair market price.

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