Derailed (2005): LaRoche's First Demand


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The clip LaRoche's First Demand from Derailed (2005)

Hey, Charlie.
Charlie? Can you hear me?
What do you want? How did?
Well, how's your busted nose?
Still hurtin'?
Why are you calling me?
Just checkin'out if you were keeping your promise about the police and all.
'Cause after all, a promise is a promise, huh?
I got it. It's business.
A business call. Honey, for God's sake.
Excuse me. Who's this?
Well, this is Mr. LaRoche.
Mr. LaRoche, my husband's had a rough day.
Can this wait?
What happened?
He was mugged.
Charles, I had no idea.
Please, I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me so?
Honey, can you hang up, please?
OK, hon.
So you haven't told her. Huh? Have you?
You haven't told your wife you're fuckin'Lucinda.
You listen to me, you fuckin' asshole!
You go near her again, I swear to God...
I need a loan, Charlie.
I really hate to ask, but I'm a little short,
and since you canceled your credit cards, well,
you know what? I need 20,000.
That's ridiculous. I don't have 20,000.
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, you're a big fuckin'executive.
I don't have that kind of cash just lyin' around.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, man, I just don't give a shit about your cash flow.
I want 20,000 now, you hear me?
OK, OK. I'll get it.
What'll you get?
I want to hear it because, you know,
My English is not very good.
I'll get you the 20,000.
OK. Well, thank you, Charlie.
Corner of Western and Parkway, noon, Friday.
Don't ever call me at home again...
Au revoir, Charlie.
You OK?

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