Derailed (2005): In A Hotel Room


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The clip In A Hotel Room from Derailed (2005)

You OK?
Stop the cab, please.
Sure, lady.
I can't, Charles. I'm sorry.
Keep the change.
Thanks, buddy.
Good luck with her.
I know, I know.
How much for a room?
Forty-six dollars.
You want to use the hotel safe? It's an extra ten.
No, just the room, please.
It's that way.
... 45 minutes waiting for you to come upstairs.
I was stressed. I had a drink.
What do you mean, stressed, a drink?
What about me? What about me?
Just shut the fuck up! What is wrong with you?
I won't shut the fuck up. It is 3:00 in the morning.

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