Miss Congeniality (2000): Partying Together


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The clip Partying together from Miss Congeniality (2000) with Heather Burns, Melissa De Sousa

I want another drink!
We're gonna get a drink.
Another round, ladies?
I can't do another one!
Yes, you can!
This is so weird!
This is my third one of these and I don't feel a thing!
Kinda like when I answered my interview question.
Don't worry about that, we all sucked.
You know, I had such a good answer to that question too.
My idea of a perfect date would be a man...
...who takes me to a romantic dinner.
Then we walk along the beach barefoot, discussing books...
...and music and movies!
No wonder you're still a virgin.
Time to paint. Come on.
No, my contacts.
We'll stay here.
I want more pizza.
We're gonna have some more pizza and beer.
Have fun!

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