Miss Congeniality (2000): Chery's Introduction


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The clip Chery's introduction from Miss Congeniality (2000)

Ohio. Oh-hi-yo!
Washington. Nice apples.
Original. You come up with that all by yourself?
Miss Greenbush!
I got it. I got it.
New Jersey? Welcome.
Who's she?
Have you seen her before?
Oh, hey, New Jersey? This one's empty.
I'm Cheryl from Rhode Island.
Hi, I'm-
Gracie Lou Freebush. I memorized the orientation pamphlet.
I know all 49 ladies by name and picture.
Fifty, including myself.
Your picture wasn't there, so I knew it was you from your lack of picture.
How about a little song for the drive?
I think you know the one I mean.
From sea to shining sea
Like Lady Liberty
She reigns over all she sees
She's beauty and she's grace
She's Miss United States

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