Miss Congeniality (2000): McDonald in a Bathing Suit


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The clip McDonald in a bathing suit from Miss Congeniality (2000) with Benjamin Bratt, Ernie Hudson

Wait, wait, wait, wait! I got it, I got it!
Oh, no!
That's right, that's right!
You think that's good? Check this out.
I got the winner right here.
Scorekeepers ready?
This is the best part.
He's right behind me, isn't he?
Not really my color, is it?
Sir, we were just...
...looking for someone to go undercover at the pageant.
And I'm the best we have.
It doesn't inspire much confidence.
Get back to work.
Hart, shouldn't you be at a desk?
Yes, sir.
You don't say anything? Made me look like an idiot.
Do I have eyes in the back of my head?
He was standing right behind me.
What were we gonna say?
This one.
Are you kidding? It's Hart.
Cut it off. Let's go back to work.
Very funny.
Hold on. That's not bad.
Hold on, nothing. Hit the save button because you won't see that again.

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