Miss Congeniality (2000): Kathy's Son


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The clip Kathy's son from Miss Congeniality (2000)

I checked out Kathy Morningside.
Not even a traffic ticket.
Model citizen. Beauty contestant, pageant director, loving mom.
She's married?
Widow. One son.
A sniveling, obsequious weasel of a human being.
You know her son?
So do you. It's Frank.
Her assistant?
Asshole Frank?
One and the same.
She never mentioned anything. Anything come up on the CCH?
Nothing on Frank Tobin.
There wouldn't be. His name is Morningside.
He changed it to cover his many indiscretions.
Wait. How do you know that?
I've been around this pageant for many years.
I could shock you with the intimate details I'm privy to.

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