The Wizard (1989): Nintendo Helpline


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The clip nintendo helpline from The Wizard (1989)

Okay, level seven? Let me get my book.
Hi, This is Karen, Nintendo Game Play Counselor,
We have new games.
All you gotta do is wait until the thing lights up, Uh-huh,
Here you go. Updates.
Nintendo Game Playing, this is Rick. How can I help you?
Hi. My name is Haley, and I've got a wizard who's going all the way to the championships in Los Angeles.
Is that so? All I need is a little help.
Okay, let's start with Simon's Quest.
Okay, now where exactly are you in the game?
Miss Laurie Stevenson, will you please meet at the dance floor,
Miss Laurie Stevenson,
Candy bars, bubble gum, licorice,
Hey, babe.
And, uh, keep the change.
Okay. Wait, can you say that one more time?
Okay. Watch out for those flying fireballs.
All right. Good.
Get that. Get that. Over there. Over there.
I know I have it around here somewhere. Um, Elastic Maniac-

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