The Wizard (1989): Grand Entrance


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The clip grand entrance from The Wizard (1989)

Where is he? Where's the little guy? Where's the third?
It's time to go. Woods. Woods-
Where is he?
I don't know.
There's your cue. The option to override emergency destruct...
has now expired,
Video Armageddon will begin in T-minus two minutes and counting,
Our first contestant,
Mr. Lucas Barton from Nevada.
Lucas! Lucas!
Kick butt, Lucas!
I love you, Lucas!
Ninety seconds,
Hey! Hey, Lucas! Lucas, tell 'em to wait!
Tell 'em we're here! Lucas!
He's coming!
Go! Run! Run!
And our second contestant, from the state of California,
the gorgeous Mora Grissom.
Sixty seconds,
No! Come on! Right here.
Come on, Jimmy!
Go, go!
Turn him over, you little snots! He's mine.
Fifty seconds,
Ha! Stay back!
I'm a desperate man. I could do anything.
Very cute.
I'm gonna get ya.
What the hell is that? Hey! Hey!
Come here!
All right, Corey!
God, I hate this job!
Forty seconds,
And our third contestant, from the great state of Utah-
Thirty seconds,
Gimme, gimme, gimme,
Jimmy Woods!
Nineteen, 18, 17,
16, 15,
14, 13, 12

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