The Wizard (1989): What Happened to Jennifer


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The clip what happened to jennifer from The Wizard (1989)

She was his twin sister.
They got down by the river, Jimmy and her, and somehow Jennifer got too close.
Jimmy couldn't swim, so he was afraid.
It was weird,
'cause- 'cause she didn't go downstream at all.
She just died...
in a few feet of water right in front of him.
It was really hard for Jimmy...
and for Nick.
Who's Nick?
My brother.
He was supposed to be watching them for Christine.
Nick and Christine didn't get along too well.
Because Christine was my dad's second wife, Jimmy and Jennifer,
we were their half brothers, but Christine didn't really see it that way.
After Jennifer died, well...
everything just fell apart.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find a telephone and call my dad.
You're quitting? You can't quit. Not now.
Look, the contest is in three days, and he hasn't even learned half the games Lucas has.
I mean, look at him. It's over, Haley.
You're a quitter, Corey. And I don't care if you did like me.
Your attitude sucks.

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