The Wizard (1989): Buying Bus Tickets


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The clip buying bus tickets from The Wizard (1989) with Fred Savage

There's a bench outside. The bus'll be here any minute.
Now stay here for a minute.
Well, go ahead. Play.
Two tickets to California, please.
You got someplace specific in mind, or would you just like to be dumped at the border?
Is Los Angeles specific enough?
That's $226,
Well, we only have $27.30. Where does that get us?
Nowhere. It's $34 just to Saint George, Utah.
That's it?
Hey, Scotty, some of those high school kids are up on the ridge throwin' rocks at the highway again.
Chase 'em on home, will you? over,
50,000? You got 50,000 on Double Dragon?
Hey, Chester.
Hi, Mike.
Here's Mrs. Johnson's complaints this month,
Not again,

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