The Wizard (1989): Robbed by Truckers


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The clip robbed by truckers from The Wizard (1989) with Jenny Lewis

We gotta plan a strategy,
Lucky for you I know this highway like the back of my hands. My dad's a trucker.
Yeah. He makes a weekly run between Reno and Kansas City.
That's where I live
Reno, You gotta be very adult to live in Reno,
It's the world's "biggest little city"
Haley, are you sure about these guys?
oh, don't you worry about them, I'm telling you, I know truckers,
They got a code. A code?
My dad sent me home early, He likes me to watch the house,
We got a really, really nice house, Yeah?
Where's your mom? She packed it in.
She was a showgirl.
Great legs.
I got her legs. What do you think?
Okay, we gotta pool our money. What do you got left?
I got 87 from the bus ticket.
Oh, is this Reno?
No, stupid.
Well, you said it was the world's "biggest little city" I thought maybe I missed it.
What are you doing? Let go of- Corey, take the money!
Haley! Hang onto her, Larry!
Jimmy, stay there! Stay there, Jimmy! Look out, kid.
Listen, kid, all we want is the cash. Ugh. Hey, stay away from me!
You smell like sh- I'll get-
Hey! Hey, this is our money!
Hey, this is our money! It's our money! Hey! Hey!
I got it! I got it!
Well, that's some code they got.

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