Jesus Christ Superstar (1973): I Don't Understand


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The clip I don't understand from Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) with Ted Neeley

When you eat and drink
I must be mad thinking I'll be remembered
Yes, I must be out of my head
Look at your blank faces My name will mean nothing
Ten minutes after I'm dead
One of you denies me One of you betrays me
No ! No !
Peter will deny me
No, not me !
ln just a few hours
Three times will deny me And that's not all I see
One of you here dining One of my 12 chosen
Will leave to betray me
Cut out the dramatics You know very well who
Why don't you go do it ?
You want me to do it ?
Hurry, they are waiting
lf you knew why I do it
I don't care why you do it
To think I admired you Well, now I despise you
You liar, you Judas
You wanted me to do it
What if I just stayed here and ruined your ambition Christ, you deserve it
Hurry, you fool Hurry and go
Save me your speeches I don't want to know
Go, Go
Look at all my trials and tribulations
Sinking in a gentle pool of wine
What's that in the bread It's gone to my head

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