The Mist (2007): Tree Breaks In The Storm Part 2

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Published 3 Dec 2011
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The clip Tree Breaks In The Storm Part 2 from The Mist (2007) with Thomas Jane, Kelly Collins Lintz

I'll c...
The clip Tree Breaks In The Storm Part 2 from The Mist (2007) with Thomas Jane, Kelly Collins Lintz

I'll call the studio when the phones get back up,
see if they can extend my deadline.
What choice do they have?
You kiddin'?
They could whip up some bad Photoshop poster in an afternoon.
They do it all the time. Two big heads.
I should have brought it downstairs with me last night.
Just stupid, I guess.
Well, sweetie, you couldn't exactly know
that a tree was gonna come flying through the window.
Yeah, I'll hit the hardware store too,
get some plastic sheeting and duct tape
and seal this up before it gets dark, you know.
Order in some new glass.
Oh, you know what? That was your--
that was your grandfather's tree, the one he planted.
Used to play in that tree.
It's just stuff, though.
You know, we're safe. That's all that counts.
Mom, Dad, you gotta come see!
Hey, Billy, take it easy, all right?
I really don't want you running all over the place.
But you gotta come look.
The boathouse is all bashed! Holy crap!
Sorry, Mom, but you just gotta come! Come on!
Come on.
Having spoken, the Doomsayer departs.
Come on!
How do you two always manage to make me laugh?
You have incredibly low standards.
Let's go, uh, see the damage.
Norton's tree.
You mean the dead one I've been asking him
to take down for three years before it finally blew over?
That tree?
Really got smooshed.
You ain't kiddin'.
Look at that.
What is it, Daddy?
On the lake?
We've had mist on the lake before.
Coming off the mountain like that?
Two fronts meeting,
left over from the storm, something like that.
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