The Mist (2007): What The Soldier Knows


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The clip What The Soldier Knows from The Mist (2007) with William Sadler, Sam Witwer

It's the only place they can be.
Couldn't just disappear.
Look, I told you, okay, I don't know where they are--
I didn't think they'd do it.
They said they would do it, and I just--
I told them what the M.P. said at the pharmacy,
and they swore they'd do it.
I just-
I didn't think they would.
It's the Arrowhead Project, isn't it?
This mist, it's some kind of, what, military fuckup?
What were you guys messin' with up there, huh?
We got you now, you sorry son of a bitch!
Get in there!
It was them! It was them what done it to us!
It was them what brung down the final wrath upon us!
Those two peckerwoods that he's been with this whole time,
they hung themselves in the back because they knew!
They knew it all along!
He's crazy. He doesn't know--
Get on your knees!
Stay out of it, Drayton!
They heard it too, didn't you? All of ya!
All about the Arrowhead Project
and all that secret shit up on the mountain.
That's what brung it down on us.
That's what brung down the wrath of God!
Private Jessup.
It wasn't me.
I'm just-- I'm stationed up there.
I'm not responsible--
Hell, I'm a local!
Most of you people know me.
You stop your chicken shit whining
or I will cut your puling tongue out.
Now you tell us!
Tell us.
Look, look. Okay, okay.
I heard stuff.
Yes, we all heard stuff.
Like how they, um,
how they thought that there were other dimensions,
you know, other-- other worlds all around us,
and how they wanted to try and make, um,
a window--

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